Catania Fishing Guide



Catania is located in the center of the eastern coast of Sicily. The main City is located in the center of the “Gulf of Catania”, a huge bay that goes from Brucoli (the southernmost point) to Acitrezza and Capo Mulini. The fishing areas continue to very north of the province, to the Alcantara river delta (close to Giardini Naxos and Taormina), with beautiful fisherman towns set into the volcanic rocky shore with their beautiful and quiet ports.
This multicolored piece of coast has:
– Shallow sandy beach, called “la Playa”, ideal environment for a fishing session to Seabass, Bluefish, and Cuttlefish.
– Black lava rocky cliff, in particular, the big portion going from the Catania city center to the north, up to the town of Riposto. Deepwater fish species inhabit this coastal area, mostly.
– A long, beautiful gravel beach going from Riposto town to the Alcantara river Delta, natural province border.
– Within those fishing areas, it worth mentioning the area of fishing in Brucoli, for its limestone rocky cliff and offshore banks, offering the chance to catch a good variety of fish.

Another characteristic in common to the whole area, and partially to the entire Sicilian east coast, is the big depth close to the shore. Usually reaching -500m (around 1500ft) within 3 miles from shore, thanks to the presence of the continental drop-off.  This huge “drop-off” follow jumping into the deep, up to -2000m (6000ft) within 15miles. This is because of the presence of the continental shelf along the Ionian coast of Sicily. Along the coast, the sea bottom is mostly rocky with some sandy areas.


During a fishing trip in Catania, is usually possible, to reach the “Cyclops Marine reserve”, home of unique columnar basalt stacks, results of an old underwater eruption, and identified in the Odyssey, as the rocks thrown by the Ciclope to Ulysses.

Beautiful place to visit and for unique snorkeling sessions.

Another place that worth a mention is a piece of coast located right under the city of Acireale, called “La Timpa”, a spectacular very hight cliff of Volcanic Nature jumping directly into blue deep waters, also land reserve for its high geologic value.

Apart from the coastline attractions in Catania and the charming fisherman villages, a thing that amazes for its beauty, every single time when fishing Catania, is the magnificent view of the smoking Volcano Etna, the epic lighthouse of the Mediterranean sea sailors.


The fishing techniques that are possible to practice off the coast of Catania are many, thanks to its diverse environments.
The one we prefer to practice are Bluefin Tuna fishing, Live bait trolling, offshore surface trolling, and kayak fishing.

Fishing Catania for Bluefin Tuna is one of the techniques we prefer. The Giant Tuna of the Mediterranean can be caught in 3 ways mainly, depending on the season and sea conditions. The depth of the Catania’s coast allows to fish not too far from the coast, making navigation easy and short, most of the times.

The Volcano Etna with its smoke hat is a constant presence on the background during every fishing session. If you are lucky enough to be here during an eruption, at sunset you can enjoy one of the most spectacular shows on earth, while fishing!

Tip: If you want to impress your fishing mates, try to fight a Bluefin Tuna, at sunset, while the Volcano Etna is erupting on the background!


Live bait trolling is one of the most common fishing techniques in Sicily, for predators like Dentex, Groupers, Amberjack, Pink Dentex, and many other species. However, even if we consider other areas more productive in a specific moment of the year, there are some species which is possible to catch only here with a certain simplicity. We are talking about the White Grouper and the Pink Dentex.

Offshore Surface trolling, also called “Big game” or Deep sea fishing in Catania, is another must in this part of the Sicilian Sea. The Mediterranean Spearfish (The white Marlin of the Mediterranean Sea) is one of the key preys. Colors, the jumps, and beauty make this billfish a great trophy to hook when surface fishing in Catania. Is also possible to hook Dorados, Albacore tuna, Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna and False Albacore.

Let us craft a beautiful fishing trip for you


A focus on Albacore Tuna may be interesting here, because of its regular presence on those waters. Is also called Longfin Tuna because of the particularly long pectoral fins, measuring more than 30% of the total body length.
Is a good fighter and able to grow more than 33 kg. It may school with Blufin Tuna or other Tuna species. Is a typical prey of the offshore trolling technique, even if in this area is not rare, while drift fishing.

The fishing usually goes from Summer to early winter, in this area. It may be an option if looking for an easygoing and relaxed fishing technique. A good option for the central summer months because fishing for Albacore takes place while navigating at a good speed. The offshore trolling fishing session may also result in a nice trip under the shade of the Volcano Etna, which gives amazing scenarios, especially with sunset and sunrise colors.

Big game trolling for Longfin Tuna in Sicily is also an interesting alternative to Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fishing because is also possible to target simultaneously other fish like Mahi Mahi (Dorado fishing), Mediterranean Spearfish, small Bluefin Tuna (up to 30-40kg), and other predators.

Albacore Tuna caught off Catania


The particular aspect and structure of this area allow going fishing Catania from a pedal kayak and access bathymetry usually not possible for kayakers. Fishing techniques are bottom fishing, inshore spinning/casting, and live bait trolling.
The ports, the scenarios, the activity of driving a pedal kayak is known to an experience itself, with a very close contact with the water. Is a relaxed fishing session is what you are looking for, this is a good option.


Catania fishing offers also a good alternative if you want to do bottom fishing and deep bottom fishing. Particularly interesting for anyone who wants a lot of action, instead of waiting for a big fish. In particular, this results in a great option for fishing for kids in Catania. This technique is also perfect when it comes to trying fishing and cooking aboard the caught fish.

Catania fishing, allow going Giant Squid fishing as in many other parts of Sicily. The huge depth close to shore, make the presence of those crazy predators, a constant year-round.
The Cuttlefish or Sephia is another cephalopod, that is possible to target specifically if you are a fun of the kind. Cuttlefish fishing sometimes is preparatory before a live bait fishing session.