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SicilyFishing is the number one company to enjoy shore and boat fishing trips in Sicily. Shore fishing is just some of Andrea Giardina’s specialities who will be your adventure guide and expedition’s designer during these exciting trips .
From the coast, you’ll be able to fish for Amberjack, Little tunny, Barracuda, Dentex, Red Porgy, Seabass, Bluefish, Bluerunner, Grouper, Atlantic Bonito depending on the season; even the great Bluefin tuna in some specific spots is found close to the shore. All the these species, together with Albacore tuna, mediterranean spearfish and Swordfish are mostly found in offshore areas of this side of the Mediterranean Sea all year round.
The fishing sessions from the boat depart from different locations spread all over the Sicilian Island. All the boats are well-equipped for a productive deep sea fishing trip in the Mediterranean Sea, such as ”live bait trolling” for Common and Gibbosus Dentex (Snapper), grouper and Amberjack and vertical fishing techniques with artificial baits (jigs, soft baits, light jigs, Inchiku). We also practice drifting and trolling for Swordfish and the mighty Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna.
Adventurous expeditions in the untouched far ends of Sicily are available even throughout the winter, which are SicilyFishing top highlight. At SicilyFishing we provide:

  • Shore fishing and adventure trips
  • Camping action fishing trips
  • Boat fishing trips
  • Tailor-made trips

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Our Fishing Packages

Deep Sea Fishing

Charter a boat with Captain Andrea and go deep sea fishing in the Mediterranean​ Sea.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Trips focused on targeting Bluefin Tuna drifting, trolling and heavy lines.

Multiple Day Trip

Adventures multiple day fishing trips onshore and offshore. Plus you get to discover Sicily in a trip you’ll never forget

“We had an amazing fishing trip with Andrea. Extremely professional and organized.”

– Bowen M.

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