Sicily Fishing

A Guide to Fishing in Sicily 

Sicily, along with its several small islands, is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its southern geographical position makes Sicily one of the greatest places to go to in Europe for sport fishing.

A fishing trip is usually the best idea in order to experience multiple activities and to catch various kinds of predators. Many species of game fish that are not from the Mediterranean Sea, like the Yellowmouth Barracuda, the Bluefish and the Bluerunner, have settled in Sicilian waters because the weather has become somewhat “tropical”. These waters are also inhabited by native species like the Seabass, the Amberjack, the Brown Grouper, the Dentex, the Red Porgy, the Bonito, the Little Tunny, the Swordfish, and the well-known Bluefin Tuna, which has come back home into Sicilian waters, where his kind is growing both in number and in size as time passes.

Bluefin Tuna

The Bluefin Tuna is what makes sport fishing in Sicily an experience unique in the world. This species is a mighty one, and it’s among the fastest fishes in the world – its common weight is from 50 to 100 kg, with astonishing peaks of 600 kg. Thanks to the steady presence of the School of Baitfish during the season from April to November it is possible to practice the popping technique by fishing with a artificial baits, and you can witness massive explosions on the surface as impressive as those made by the Giant Trevally. There’s also a chance of catching the Bluefin Tuna while drifting or deep-sea trolling.

Shore Fishing

Sicily offers a lot of remote places and reefs where one could catch almost every single species of fish there is in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most awesome experiences you can live is to go both fishing and exploring the coast with an expert local guide – you will achieve a great deal and have an unforgettable adventure!

Deep-sea Fishing

The line where Europe’s and Africa’s tectonic plates meet runs alongside the eastern Sicilian coast, giving shape to great depths a few miles off the coast. The typical species of the Big Game in the Mediterranean Sea are the Albacore Tuna, the Mediterranean Spearfish, the Dolphin Fish, the Swordfish and of course the Bluefin Tuna.

Live Bait Trolling

Live bait trolling stands among the most regularly used techniques as far as boat sport angling in Sicily is concerned. It involves trolling a live bait at the bottom, like Squids, Cuttlefishes and Mackerels, in order to catch big preys like Amberjacks, Dentex, the Dentex Gibbosus, Groupers, the Red Porgy, Brown and White Groupers, the Bluefin Tuna and all of the other predators inhabiting these waters.

Vertical Jigging

Jigging (with metal jigs), soft baits, fresh baits, and deep-sea fishing are techniques one can learn and practice on demand, targeting almost every predator in Sicilian waters. Local guides are native, skilled, trained and overall very experienced people, often representatives of lables well-known in this field like Shimano Fishing, or TV documentary producers.