Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Sicily is considered one of the best fishing spots in the Mediterranean Sea for Deep Sea Fishing. Fishing in Siracusa and South Sicily, allows to go and fish the wildest part of Sicily ”mainland”, with great crystal clear waters and many fishing opportunities. Deep Sea fishing in Noto is also a great way to try fishing in Sicily: thanks to the seabed structure, is possible to fish for Dentex, Amberjack, Grouper and Bluefin tuna besides the classic predators.

Deep Sea Fishing in Taormina give the chance to fish mainly offshore surface trolling for Mediterranean Spearfish “the mediterranean Marlin”, Albacore or Long Fin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish (on request) and Dorado, thanks to the particular bathimetry of this part of the Ionian Sea, close to the Messina’s stretch. The geology of this area consist on a quick drop of the sea bed from 0 to 2000m in just few miles of distance offshore. The influence of the Messina’s stretch, famous hot spot for Swordfish and Bluefin tuna, gives extra chances. Deep Sea Fishing in Catania has a different landscape, having the volcano Etna in front of you while fishing, and a bit different bottom because of the lavic rocks seabed; the fishing techniques for big predators are similar to the Taormina area’s ones.
(nb: Fishing trips in Taormina and Catania are available on request)

Deep sea fishing in Egadi islands is one of the best options. This destination gives the chance to experience great fishing and discover the beauties of Favignana island, Levanzo island and Marettimo island, inside the protected sea area of Egadi. The best techniques to practice are:

– Bluefin Tuna fishing (drifting and live bait trolling);
– live bait trolling with light gear for Amberjack, Dentex, Dusky

Grouper, Porgy etc;
– Vertical Jigging with some new particular techniques.
– Deep bottom fishing for Groupers, conger eel, red scorpion fish and many species;

​Deep Sea Fishing in Lampedusa is another great option if you want to go fishing more then one day, as well as if you want to add some amazing beaches exploration, crystal clear waters and the taste of a very small island life.

If bad weather there is always a chance to go shore fishing. Fishing with artificial baits off the rocks, thanks to coastline structure that create very good spots, is an adrenalin and adventurous alternative!
This is a also a good option if you are in a family trip or group trip but they don’t want to fish: they would have so many thing to do; we provide also adventure guiding to keep the group entertained!

Departure from everywhere in Sicily (we offer pickup):

  • Catania,
  • Syracuse,
  • ​ Taormina,
  • Noto,
  • ​Ask us if you need a pickup from a different spot.

Fishing techniques:

  • Deep Sea fishing;
  • Live bait trolling;
  • ​Vertical techniques (jigging, inchiku, slow jigging, softbaits, bottom fishing and deep bottom fishing);
  • Drifting or trolling for Bluefin tuna;
  • Nightfishing for Swordfish;
  • Shark fishing;
  • Light tackle for predators (or flyfishing if you have your own equipment);
  • Overnight boat trip for great fishing in the middle of the mediterranean;

​What’s Included

– transfers from hotels, Airports, or everywhere – round trip;
– certified guide;
– marine reserve fishing licenses;
– Shimano Fishing Equipment and lures;
– boat fishing session;
– Local food and drinks, snacks and water;
– high Quality Photos and Video.
– Combination possibility with many other Sicilian trips.


– Lodge/typical lodge booking for the stay in Sicily;
– One or two extra days, fishing and exploring;
– August/July supplement (if necessary)*
– Some techniques may require supplement;

Departure time: 6am,7am
Duration: 8hrs
Capacity: 3
Cost: on request