Palermo Fishing Guide

Palermo Fishing Guide


Located on the north-northwest coast of Sicily, Palermo has the main city port located into a big Gulf. Cefalù’s coast is part of the Palermo fishing area, located north-east of Palermo city. To the west side, the fishing area includes Mondello, Capo Gallo, and Isola Delle Femmine.
The coastal environment includes mostly long gravel beaches that switch to shallow rocky cliffs. Many sand beaches and high cliffs are present as well.
The bathymetric lines changes depending on the coastal shape. In correspondence with a couple of promontories, the water drops to -500m going 3miles offshore. Most of the remaining coast has shallow waters in the beginning; only navigating around 7miles is possible to go deeper. Navigating 20miles from shore is possible to reach deeper bottoms, up to -2000m, everywhere on the coast.
Palermo fishing islands
Ustica is an island located off the coast of Palermo. Is reachable after 2h fast navigation, with both private fishing boats or with hydrofoil from the port of Palermo. Relatively small with its 8,6 sq.m, rough cliffs of black rock completely surround Ustica. The island is an old Volcano.
Barracuda in Palermo fishing are, Sicily with helmet and glasses.


Fishing the islands off the coast of Palermo and Sicily
Let’s have a focus on the islands that is possible to reach from Palermo. That is to needed, because we consider these places the top destination for a multiple-day fishing trip.
On the first island, Ustica fishing is interesting if looking for some specific fish. For example, the Dusky Grouper above all. In addition, Mediterranean Barracudas of big size are regular in Ustica. However, you need to be in the right spots to catch them. And even fishing off the rocks can be productive for barracuda.
Other fish species, like Dentex, Red Porgy, Amberjack, are less frequent but possible anyway when fishing Ustica.
Fishing in Lampedusa island and Fishing in Pantelleria island worth a mention as well.
First because is very easy to reach them from Falcone-Borsellino airport of Palermo. Secondly, both islands are to consider “Mediterranean top fishing destinations” and beautiful destinations.
If you are already in Palermo, or just planning to go, take seriously into consideration to go Fishing Pantelleria, or Lampedusa. To clarify, those islands offer great adventures always packed with other activities in Sicilian style. On the other hand, you have, amazing food, wine, local culture, archaeology, geothermal activities, beautiful natural landscapes. These are just some of the possibilities. Moreover, plenty of particular snorkeling opportunities are available, like the “Geothermal Snorkeling”. In conclusion, this makes it perfect to keep a whole group always entertained, even non-fishing ones. Good also for young family groups.


Palermo fishing trips offer the chances to navigate some famous places along the coast. Mondello, Isola Delle Femmine, Natural reserve of Capo Gallo, Capo Zafferano, Porticello, Santa Flavia and even Cefalù are some.

Mondello beach, for a swim and relax, is a perfect stop on the way back from a Palermo fishing trip. Deciding to go Fishing Mondello beach on purpose, surfcasting is the technique. The sandy beach allows going for smaller species, like seabreams. Good to relax seated on the beach with a couple of beers.

The city of Palermo itself worth a visit with its huge amount of sights and monuments. The Street food here is a must as well as Catania.

The points of interest on the islands reachable from Palermo are plenty and of every kind. There, you’ll always have insane scenarios during a fishing trip, giving a special taste, apart from the highest fishing chances.

Palermo fishing area, high cliff
Barracuda during a multiple day trip fishing from shore in Palermo area


Fish species to target, on a Palermo fishing charter, are the same you can find all around Sicily. With some particularities, especially on the islands. Bluefin Tuna, make its route also off the coast of Palermo. This makes it possible to challenge the giant of the sea on this piece of coast. Minor species typical of the bottom fishing techniques are also present here. To go deep bottom fishing and Giant squid fishing are also interesting options.
Talking about the islands reachable from Palermo, instead, the possible gamefish species more numerous. The beautiful Amberjack, Common Dentex, Dusky Grouper, Red Porgy, Albacore Tuna, Mediterranean Spearfish are present in Ustica. Pantelleria and Lampedusa have more fish species and usually higher chances as well. Atlantic Bonito, False Albacore, Barracuda, Blue Runners are always in option. Mainly heading for light coastal trolling or spinning fishing techniques. Calamari, Cuttlefish, and octopus are also present for dedicated techniques.
Each island has its own kind of spots. Big variety in the bathymetrical structure. Specific techniques, and even different seasons for the same species, because of the little difference in geographical position. For these reasons, having a fishing guide is a suggested way to succeed in this area. Even better if going for a multi-day guided fishing trip package. These surprising adventures will probably give you a lifetime experience fishing in the Mediterranean sea.


Techniques available when deep sea Fishing Palermo are drifting for Bluefin Tuna, bottom fishing and deep bottom fishing, coastal trolling. Jumping on the islands, the range of possible techniques is much wider. Trolling for Amberjacks, Trolling for Bluefin Tuna (artificial baits), Jigging, Spinning with artificial baits. Deep drop for swordfish, night fishing for giant squid and the often successful bottom live bait trolling. Including also shore fishing techniques and underwater barehand techniques, the list can go on.
A great way to travel and fish in these places is shore fishing. The particular shape of the coast, create some selected specific hotspots. This allows fish of many species to pass by the shore, right under your feet. Barracuda, Amberjack, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, Bluerunner are frequent; even Dentex and grouper are possible to catch in some places. If you like to challenge the big Bluefin Tuna from the rocks, that is hard but possible as well.
Is also important to say that a multiple-day trip to these areas, is a Sicilian experience apart. Immersing completely into the local environment and the local lifestyle. Early Sicilian breakfast in the local bars before sunrise. Home-made family dinner, prepared with caught fish, employing typical Sicilian recipes. This is part of unforgettable trips.
Amberjack fishing in Sicily

Let us craft a beautiful fishing trip for you

Good Dentex Sicily

Palermo Fishing 2-day islands

This is the best fishing experience in Sicily in our opinion. This short break consists of n.2 Deep Sea Fishing sessions and n.1 night fishing session. Lodging, transportation, guiding in the productive and charming islands around Sicily, included.

Tuna fishing Palermo

Fishing Palermo – full day

A regular 1-day trip, Palermo fishing, off the north-western coast of the island.  Deep-sea fishing techniques available for this trip are: Drifting for Bluefin Tuna, Deep bottom fishing, and inshore surface trolling.

Barracuda in Palermo fishing are, Sicily with helmet and glasses.

Shore Fishing 3-day trip 

Great shore fishing trip on the islands, packed with adventure, good food, and the best that Sicily can offer


A focus on the Amberjack fishing here would be useful, because of its regular presence in the Sicilian waters. With the scientific name “Seriola Dumerili”, this powerful but elegant predator, is a member of the caranx family. Generally known for their power and ability to break anglers lines! 

Amberjack typically prefers late summer to winter months, to show up consistently. The further in the season, usually the bigger are the fish that is possible to target. Some months like October and November are really a must in some specific spots. Average size of fishes, range from 7 to 25kg with occasional fish of +35kg. This fish can accept generous baits, making the research also useful for Bluefin Tuna simultaneously, if they are around. Techniques to go fishing Amberjack are live bait trolling, jigging techniques both from the boat and from the rocks. Light trolling with artificial bait is also good to catch smaller amberjacks.

Often hunts in the middle of the column of water, accepting fast baits , apart from the classic always working cephalopods. Once hooked, this caranx quickly tries to scratch the leader on the rocks if possible. Never stop fighting, putting the angler in very interesting duels and making it a very coveted catch. Very easy to release back into the sea.

Amberjack is the muscled queen of the Mediterranean Sea. With colors ranging from silver to light violet and light green. A beautiful and trophy catch for many anglers around the world.

Amberjack fishing in Palermo