Sicily is a place where is necessary to immerse yourself. Being a big island, full of wonders that absolutely worth a visit, is necessary to concentrate the trip to a certain area instead of just fast touching many places without the opportunity to live local experiences. The “immersive” way we experience a destination living like islanders, works perfectly when it comes to planning a fishing trip.

This is the reason why we highly suggest a tailored multiple-day trip to fish and adventure Sicily. Those journeys, completely customizable, usually include:
– full-time boat at disposal for boat fishing sessions, night fishing or just cruising the place with the family;
– some of the best and most particular local lodge or accommodation, often with historical connections or unique characteristics. Barbecue and complete kitchen always available to cook the caught fish;
– support from local hosts always at disposal to prepare a last minute lunch or a dinner with typical food of the season;
– full-time certified guide, that will ensure the best experience possible to the group;
– local vehicle to move and explore on the island, sometimes made of dirt roads;
– the destinations, even if may result a bit away from the beaten tracks, are carefully selected just to be sure of being on the really most productive fishing hotspots of Sicily.
– all the activities and touring that is possible to do during a multiple-day fishing trip, apart from fishing, will also give the group an unexpected discovery experience full of relaxed and adventurous moments for everyone.
This is our strength.

Food is usually one of the key elements of a fishing trip in Sicily. The typical and local cuisine offers an uncountable number of dishes, specific of every island, city and sometimes villages. Ranging from vegetable to the meat, from the pasta to the seafood and fish, in just a few kilometres of distance, the differences could be impressive.

The caught Fish. Obviously, even if we always support catch and release, if the guests have the pleasure of eating one of their own catch, this is part of the game. This opens a window on the many local recipes we follow to prepare fish, octopus, calamari (squid) etc. This is also a great sharing moment that we love to highlight using the best wines of the area, or if possible the support of a local “old school” cook. The accommodation we use are always furnished with big Barbecue, kitchen and stone hoven sometimes.

No-Fishing activities. When travelling with the family, sometimes is not easy to have more than a single day to go fishing. Multiple day trips always include lots of other things possible both after fishing or for the part of the family which prefer to not fish.  On the selected fishing destinations is where the best beaches of Sicily are located, many volcanic phenomena to enjoy and discover, many archaeological sites, hiking patch, wineries, horse riding, and just so much to explore around. It is eventually possible to have a detailed customized itinerary for the “no-fishing” activities, or a guide taking care of the group.
Even for the anglers, the trip includes a lot of good moments and things to do after fishing, or when inclement weather.

Barehanded octopus fishing. One of our specialities. To do with snorkelling equipment. Extremely fun and challenging research to one of the smartest animal of the sea, with specific tips and under the guidance of an expert “Octopus hunter”. Usually, skills and technique are handed down from father to son in Sicily, requiring a lot of practice and time into the water. Here is a past article with a video on how to catch an octopus.

Fishing Techniques. While on a single day trip you usually go for a single fishing technique to practice, a multiple-day trip allow you to try different fishing techniques thanks to the time at disposal. It became easy to try Bluefin Tuna fishing techniques, live bait trolling, jigging, deep bottom fishing, giant squid fishing, surface “big game trolling” and even daytime swordfish with the days at disposal when on a multi-day trip in Sicily.

When a multiple-day trip is not possible, a 24h experience is something that can give you 2 fishing session, some night fishing and maybe some local experiences.
If instead you already have plans, your availability is for one-day fishing only, but you still want to try our organization, you can ask us for a long full-day trip tailored with some extra activities during or at the end of the fishing session. Octopus fishing, for example, is something always possible as add-ons during spring, summer and fall.

Jigging in the Mediterranean Sea. A beautiful snapper caught during a multiple day trip.


Italy and Sicily in particular, are located in a specific geographical position. The region of Sicily, considered between the best fishing in Italy is an island located exactly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy peninsula and Africa’s northern coasts. The geological structure of the island has a big drop-off on the east coast, also home of the biggest Volcano of Europe The Mount Etna. The sea is the Ionian, that separates Sicily from Greece. The Ionian sea, as well as some points of the Sicilian Channel and Tyrrenian sea, are known also for its depts, very close bathymetric that jumps into 1000m under the sea level, just in a couple of miles, reaching 2500m as soon as you navigate a bit more. This give the chance to fish for unique animals.

A particular Ionian sea fishing technique is fishing for squid and often giant squids.
Giant squids of the Mediterranean Sea, (scientific name “Todarodes Sagittatus”) can reach 15kg of weight, being more common between 2 to 4kg. It is a very aggressive and powerful cephalopod and compared with animals of the same species, can give unexpected fights. Depending on the equipment or the fishing depth the technique varies and to hear a spooling reel is not difficult if using the light gear.

This species likes deep waters but at night is possible to fish them even on the surface in some conditions and season of the year. During the day, big specimens are caught in deeper waters, usually with electric reels.

Is a good action at the end of the fishing day or for a dedicated night fishing session. Big squid on manual reels will seriously test the ability of the most experienced fishermen. On the right spot, is usual to have multiple catches, resulting in a fun experience for everyone aboard.

Squid can be prepared as a good meal, with many local recipes. The best preparation for us remains the Squid fried rings recipe, similar to the Calamari fried rings, a very delicious dish for everyone.


Siracusa has always been one of the most famous cities in Sicily. This is because, this coastal territory was home of the biggest Greek city of all times probably, and theatre of important epic wars and historical events.
Today Siracusa, thanks to its everlasting beauty, is still a must in the classic tourist’s programs. However, the large presence of visitors and consequent high number of excursion sellers may cause confusion when looking for specific, high quality and expert-guided fishing activities.

When looking for Fishing in Ortigia for example, just walking on the deck, you will hardly find someone able to take you fishing for the proper Mediterranean gamefish. In this area lives fish as the Bluefin Tuna, Common Dentex, Pink Dentex, Amberjack, Grouper, Swordfish etc.

Fishing in Syracuse is a different story in reality. This area, located on the southern east coast of Sicily, quickly jumping into the Ionian Sea, is a productive one. Here the chances to target the fish you are looking for may be exellent. However, the season, the predators biting at the specific moment and the right guide will do the difference when fishing Siracusa.

When going for a fishing trip in Siracusa is possible to practice several techniques:

  • Bluefin Tuna fishing in Siracusa is one of the best opportunity to catch the giant bluefin passing on the old route of the “tonnaras” of Sicily.
  • Fishing for Amberjack is a special experience in late summer; using light equipment is possible to have epic fighting.
  • Live bait fishing for Common dentex with its preparation is something to try. This usually includes two kind of fishing – as you have to catch some calamari (squid fishing) or cuttlefish to troll alive for the common dentex (Mediterranean snapper).
  • Deep bottom fishing with electric reels for big eye snapper and giant groupers is another deep sea fishing in Syracuse. It is also possible to catch fish like sharks, big conger eels, scabbard silverfish, European hake and mackerel.
  • Shore fishing in Siracusa or shore fishing in Syracuse is another good adventure if you do not want to go on a boat. Unique and adventurous itineraries available, for 8 hours or 24h fishing. Good selections of fish target including Mediterranean Barracuda, Bluefish, seabass, bluerunner, needlefish, saddled seabream, small amberjacks. Usually works very good with some barehanded octopus fishing. Fly fishing in Siracusa is possible if you have the right equipment with you, as most of the times you’ll find rocky shores and some wind.

Another particular activity of this area is barehanded octopus fishing. This is possible on the way back from every boat trip, during a shore fishing trip or planning a specific day to target octopus and cuttlefish with snorkelling gear. Hunting octopus is always possible to practice catch and release, or just watching them in their shelter.

At the end of the fishing trip, there is always the chance to take a look at the most important fishing buildings of all times here. The “Tonnara” of the east coast of Sicily, buildings where the biggest tuna have been processed, after being caught with the homonymous epic fishing technique. Now visiting those places is still possible to feel those moments, trying to imagine the atmosphere, the sounds and the sing of fishermen, the smell of tuna cooking on the big boilers, just after the hard “Mattanza” moment. Here fishing is in the Myth.