First fishing session in Sicily of 2020, was a a successful one. Not only for the fish caught, but for a whole mix of ingredients which make a session unforgettable. The original plan was to go fishing in Catania the week before, but decided to wait a week more to have better conditions.

Chronicles Of The Day
Great weather on the end of June, no wind, no currents, clear sky. Everything looks perfect and we already have good news from the past days, so positive expectation, but with fishing you never know what is going to happen!

Once the rigging is done, less the 30 min waiting and fist bite! Is instantly clear which is not a Tuna, or at least not the one we are looking for. Short time to take the fish close to the boat. Green colors and blue spots, is a beautiful Dorado. Jumps and short runs make is complicated to land the fish until he got free. Not bad as the show was served anyway and the fish was under the boat for a good time!

​Another 30min and the fish is on again! This time is no doubt, the reel is screaming like hell! Bluefin Tuna!
An intense battle with a particularly combative fish, made our guests, Kyle and Kody, switch 3 times, over 3 hours! Great satisfaction for the fish aboard!

The day looks at his end, everyone is satisfied aboard and, let’s say the truth, tired from the epic battle! But while setting the equipment, the team spot another Mahi Mahi, swimming around the boat. The bait is quickly dropped into the water, and is just a question of seconds, since the Dolphin fish, is on!
Those spectacular jumps, delighted everybody aboard, before heading back to the port!

This is a perfect trip to fish off the eastern coast of Sicily. Whether one would like to go Fishing in Catania or Siracuse.

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